• Passive and modular exoskeleton for real-life application

Exoskeleton Applications



Workers next to assembly lines often have to stay all day because of safety regulations and time flow activities. Employees in logistics have to lift heavy weights. An Exoskeleton will support manual work in the future to keep employees healthy and productive.



Due to demographic and life-style changes, elderly are confronted with an increase of physical stress for their body. In order to maintain their mobility and autonomy throughout their lives they could benefit from a new and efficient exoskeleton.



Soldiers have to carry heavy loads over long distances. In order to keep the high performance for the requirements of modern warfare technical assistants is a major need. An exoskeleton can help to subtend their physical issues and keep them efficient.

  • Sit anywhere, anythime with no restriction of movement


Exomys is developing a passive and modular exoskeleton for industrial application to support employees during long upright standing shifts. As a result, a higher production level and better focus at work can be accomplished.

The basic idea is a passive exoskeleton presenting a carrying mechanism, similar to a mobile chair. This supports the user while standing/hunkering by transferring the load from the legs to the mechanical structure at any time. The angular position of the knee is arbitrary at any position from standing, sitting to hunkering. Consequently, the user is not exposed to debilitating positions during work, can operate longer without health issues and is more efficient in long term.

All mechanical elements fit under the work pants to avoid frame sections sticking out. This provides a higher safety factor and is more user friendly compared to existing systems where the technology is mainly positioned on top of the cloth.

In unlocked position, the exoskeleton allows unrestricted movement. If you want to sit or hunker at a certain position, you move to the desired pose and lock the joints of the exoskeleton by a simple handgrip. If you have to change your location, you simply stand up and the system is unlocking automatically.

The feeling when caring the exoskeleton is almost similar to wearing ordinary trousers, no matter in locked or unlocked position. The user can lean in a comfortable position while standing, which reduces tensions in joints and muscles, similar to leaning against a wall. Due to the fit-for-all-design and the variable size adjustment, the briefing for usage only lasts about a minute.

An integral and straightforward construction without batteries or any other additional power supply enables a 24/7 use. Compared to common active systems, the acquisition costs can be reduced by up to 90%. Still, exoskeletons are a rare sight, which could cause discardment by the user. In this system the carrying structure is not visible, thus the person is rather willing to use it also in public/factory.

The system is aiming on a long-term use and by distributing the load to the mechanical frame the physical wear marks of the body will be reduced. As a result, sick leaves and connected costs due to times absent or complete loss of experienced employees can be prevented, like:

  • Recruiting costs for temporary or permanent compensation
  • Training costs for new employees
  • Lower productivity in the initial phase and thus less return
  • Lower quality
  • Damage of working material which would not happen by experienced personnel
  • More effort on rework and quality control

More complex working routines still cannot be handled by robots in years. In combination with the current demographic developments, employees will have to work into old age with greater physical tensions, resulting in corresponding dropouts. To compensate this negative trend, technical assistants is a major need to subtend their physical issues and keep the employees productive. Exoskeletons are inevitable tools and will gain a higher significance in everyday work.


Interview im Kontext

TV Interview of Exomys

Exomys founder Johann Bernhardt is talking about the startup situation in Vienna on Austrian television SevusTV.

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